Yaesu VX-6 Mod notes

by sf  

This is probably illegal, and transmitting out of the HAM band allocations is a defo no no so this post is made for educational and end of world use only.

TX MOD for the VX-6E European !

The UK/E version of this handheld is a dual band VHF/UHF with restricted TX to within the Euro allocation of 2m and 70cm. The Asian versions are triple band, with 6m band and their wider frequency allocation on VHF and UHF.

Other wide TX mods may be available but the following will pretty much upgrade unit to allow TX on 6metre and wide band the 2m and 70cm allocations (which would include PMR446 frequencies)

Turn off the radio and remove the battery.

Remove the stick-on plastic cover that fits over the cutout where the SU-1 goes.



You will see two rows of solder pads, one row of eight (with four pads soldered) and to its right, one row of five (with no pads soldered).

See the photo (click to enlarge) on left for how it look before modification. Counting from left the pads 2,3,4 and 5 are soldered.

To carry out the mod solder must be removed from pads 3 and 5, leaving 2 and 4 intact.

Next replace the SU-1 cover and replace the battery.

Reset the microprocessor.



To clear all memories and all other settings to factory defaults:
1. Turn the radio off.
2. Press and hold in the [MODE(SP S)SQ TYP], [0(SET)], and [V/M(DW)MT] keys
while turning the radio on.
3. Press the [F/W] key momentarily to reset all settings to their factory defaults (press
any other key to cancel the Reset procedure).


The radio should now transmit:

50.000Mhz to 54.000Mhz

140.000Mhz to 174.000Mhz

420.000Mhz to 470.000Mhz

Note: 6metre use should use a suitable antenna such as the two section antenna that is sold with the Asian version of the vx-6 or even with the tri band VX-7.


Notes on PMR446 use:

Here are the frequencies of the 8 basic UK PMR446 channels. If you try to listen with a scanner or ham radio that doesn't support 6.25kHz tuning steps you may find that 5kHz steps will get as close as possible, with a maximum error of 1.25kHz. These frequencies are shown in brackets.

  --446.000----band edge
1 - 446.00625 (446.005)
2 - 446.01875 (446.020)
3 - 446.03125 (446.030)
4 - 446.04375 (446.045)
5 - 446.05625 (446.055)
6 - 446.06875 (446.070)
7 - 446.08125 (446.080)
8 - 446.09375 (446.095)
  --446.100----band edge

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Comment from: Fred Stam Holland
Fred Stam Holland

On other sites I read that if I remove the soldering from place 4 you receive the American band with the 222mhz frequency.
Is it also that if I remove 3 4 5 I will receive all.???

16/06/09 @ 22:58